A one stop shop for all your company formation needs

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A one stop shop for all your business setup needs

Sultan Al Ali Group Business Setup consultants in Dubai stands as a premier firm in the realm of company formation, delivering top-tier services across Dubai and the entire UAE. Our commitment is to make the process of company formation in Dubai or any Emirate a swift and seamless journey. We house a dedicated team, comprising of accomplished business setup consultants, seasoned corporate advisors, attentive customer support executives, and experienced legal professionals.

When you choose to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Sultan Al Ali Group, Business Setup consultants in Dubai,  you gain access to a comprehensive suite of business setup services, all under one roof. These services are not just pivotal; they are indispensable for every new business venture. Whether you face challenges, uncertainties, or wish to seize promising opportunities, our business setup services in the UAE are your dependable allies.

Sultan Al Ali Group Business Setup consultants in Dubai assures you of an array of supplementary services related to your company establishment in the UAE. Whether it’s mainland business setup, a free zone company, or offshore company formation, you’ll find our expertise indispensable in setting up your company in Dubai the right way. We guide you through the complexities, ensuring that your dream of launching a business in Dubai becomes a splendid reality.

You’re invited to schedule a free appointment with our business setup consultants to explore the diverse range of business services we offer. Reach out to Sultan Al Ali Group Business Setup, and seize the opportunity to book a FREE consultation today!

Launching a business in the UAE requires government approvals and the right paperwork. At Sultan Al Ali Group Business Setup, we provide all these services in one place for your convenience!


As a one-stop destination, we offer comprehensive business setup services in Dubai and the UAE for starting a new business


Our team of business setup experts is dedicated to crafting tailored company formation solutions that are not only effortless and budget-friendly but also perfectly aligned with your unique business needs.


SULTAN Al Ali Group Business Setup in Dubai offers dependable and dependable local sponsorship and visa services designed to minimize risks and provide peace of mind


Our team of Public Relations Officers (PRO) is here to seamlessly and efficiently manage all your documentation and government-related procedures​


With our in-house banking partner counters and robust connections with multiple banks, we streamline the process of opening your corporate bank account, making it swift and hassle-free


Our corporate sponsorship arrangement is fortified by a robust investor rights and protection agreement, assuring you complete operational ownership.


We go the extra mile to provide new businesses with an array of value-added services, including access to well-equipped business centers, top-notch recruitment services, strategic advertising support, and expert tax consulting, among others


After your business takes flight, we remain at your side to ensure its smooth operation and success

Feasibility Study & Business Plan

Discover potential challenges and their solutions well in advance, staying ahead of any unforeseen obstacles

VAT Compliant Accounting Services

Unlock the benefits of our world-class accounting solutions – they're surprisingly cost-effective and remarkably straightforward.

Audit Services

Put your trust in us as your certified auditors, ready to meet all your auditing needs with unwavering reliability

Legal Advisory & Corporate Structuring

We specialize in establishing your company with a thoughtful approach, ensuring it's flexible and adaptable for seamless scaling, whether up or down

Drafting Agreements

We assist you in crafting a tailored business agreement, perfectly suited to your unique requirements

Trade Mark Registration

Safeguard your business from opportunistic individuals seeking to exploit your hard-earned endeavors.

Nominee Services

You have the option to appoint a legal representative who can act on your behalf within the United Arab Emirates.

Commercial space & Warehouse Renting

Enhance your business with Sultan Al Ali Group's premium commercial space and warehouse rental services, featuring flexible options tailored to your needs

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