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Founded in 1997, Sultan Al Ali Business Setup has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive company formation services in the United Arab Emirates. With a rich 25-year history and a dedicated team comprising accomplished lawyers, certified accountants, tax experts, interpreters, well-connected public relations specialists, and seasoned corporate advisors deeply versed in the intricacies of the UAE's operational landscape, the Sultan Al Ali group has empowered more than 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their business journeys. We guide them in making informed decisions about the most suitable jurisdiction, trade license, and corporate structure tailored to the unique nature of their business. We also handle the acquisition of all essential documentation and approvals from various government bodies for visa issuance and permits. The Sultan Al Ali business setup consultants in Dubai, excels in expertly managing all procedural and regulatory requirements, relieving businesses of the complexities and challenges associated with legal processes. check out Fire Directory.com


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As a one-stop destination, we offer comprehensive business setup services in Dubai and the UAE for starting a new business


Our team of business setup experts is dedicated to crafting tailored company formation solutions that are not only effortless and budget-friendly but also perfectly aligned with your unique business needs.


SULTAN Al Ali Group Business Setup in Dubai offers dependable and dependable local sponsorship and visa services designed to minimize risks and provide peace of mind


Our team of Public Relations Officers (PRO) is here to seamlessly and efficiently manage all your documentation and government-related procedures​


With our in-house banking partner counters and robust connections with multiple banks, we streamline the process of opening your corporate bank account, making it swift and hassle-free


Our corporate sponsorship arrangement is fortified by a robust investor rights and protection agreement, assuring you complete operational ownership.


We go the extra mile to provide new businesses with an array of value-added services, including access to well-equipped business centers, top-notch recruitment services, strategic advertising support, and expert tax consulting, among others


After your business takes flight, we remain at your side to ensure its smooth operation and success

Feasibility Study & Business Plan

Discover potential challenges and their solutions well in advance, staying ahead of any unforeseen obstacles

VAT Compliant Accounting Services

Unlock the benefits of our world-class accounting solutions – they're surprisingly cost-effective and remarkably straightforward.

Audit Services

Put your trust in us as your certified auditors, ready to meet all your auditing needs with unwavering reliability

Legal Advisory & Corporate Structuring

We specialize in establishing your company with a thoughtful approach, ensuring it's flexible and adaptable for seamless scaling, whether up or down

Drafting Agreements

We assist you in crafting a tailored business agreement, perfectly suited to your unique requirements

Trade Mark Registration

Safeguard your business from opportunistic individuals seeking to exploit your hard-earned endeavors.

Nominee Services

You have the option to appoint a legal representative who can act on your behalf within the United Arab Emirates.

Commercial space & Warehouse Renting

Enhance your business with Sultan Al Ali Group's premium commercial space and warehouse rental services, featuring flexible options tailored to your needs

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The team at Sultan Al Ali Group Management and Consultancy truly invests the time to deeply comprehend our distinctive business requirements. They have undeniably furnished the pivotal support we need to efficiently navigate processes that pave the way for our company's future ventures. We hold in high regard the dedication they consistently exhibit, and their professionalism and warmth are truly commendable.

In particular, Mr. Adish merits special recognition for his swift and efficient handling of all queries. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Sultan Al Ali Group Management and Consultancy, as they have consistently surpassed our expectations. I strongly advocate partnering with the Sultan Al Ali Group team to position your business for a future brimming with success

Asjid, Cloud24

May 21, 2022

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The United Arab Emirates presents remarkable opportunities for business investors seeking to expand their enterprises and attain substantial profits. This is attributed to its robust economy, exceptional infrastructure, political stability, and investor-friendly policies.

Navigating the process of company formation in Dubai can be financially demanding without the right guidance, expertise, and connections. At Sultan Al Ali Group, we stand ready to assist you in all aspects of LLC company formation in Dubai and across the various emirates in the UAE. Our expertise extends to the incorporation of companies in all jurisdictions, be it Mainland, Free Zones, or Offshore.

For those in pursuit of a dependable and cost-effective approach to company formation in Dubai and the wider UAE, our exclusive business setup packages, encompassing an array of services, facilitate a swift and efficient launch of your business.

Our commitment lies in providing straightforward, rapid, economical, and risk-mitigated solutions to our clients, with your company registration as our foremost priority. At Sultan Al Ali Group, we have been delivering personalized, hassle-free business setup solutions for nearly two decades.

Here are the steps to commence your new business in Dubai:


  1. Prepare Your Documentation
  2. Acquire the Necessary Business License
  3. Navigate the Visa Process
  4. Establish a Bank Account

The United Arab Emirates stands as the Middle East’s premier hub for business investments, having drawn global investors for decades. Consequently, the UAE offers a range of options for business setup, including Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore solutions. Each location comes with its own set of regulations and advantages.

Free zones are a favored choice for entrepreneurs in Dubai and other emirates. They attract those who seek full ownership of their business and desire tax and duty exemptions. Setting up a business in UAE free zones is straightforward, designed to foster foreign investment.

With over 40 free trade zones spread across all seven emirates, the UAE offers a plethora of options. Dubai leads with the highest number of free zones and is home to one of the world’s largest, the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Each free zone operates under an independent governing authority with its unique regulations, and many cater to specific industries. Selecting the best free zone for your business can be a challenging decision. That’s where Sultan Al Ali Group’s expert consultants come in, offering a comprehensive range of services to assist you in your UAE business setup


The United Arab Emirates holds an esteemed reputation as a secure and predominantly tax-friendly destination for international financial services and businesses, regardless of their size. Entrepreneurs are presented with a choice of company formation options, including Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore, allowing them to select the jurisdiction that aligns best with their business activities.

Opting for company formation in a UAE offshore location presents distinct advantages and considerations. Businesses have the opportunity to engage in tax-free international trade and enjoy the full repatriation of both capital and profits. However, it is imperative to possess an in-depth understanding of the diverse laws and regulations governing UAE offshore company formation.

Sultan Al Ali Group is dedicated to facilitating your company setup in the UAE offshore sector. We extend an array of business setup services, encompassing the registration of your company, acquisition of trade licenses, and the provision of PRO services in collaboration with relevant government agencies. With Sultan Al Ali Group Business Setup, investors have the capacity to register their offshore company in the UAE, all without the need to be physically present in the country.


Are you considering establishing your business in the vibrant landscape of Dubai or the broader United Arab Emirates? One of your initial steps on this exciting journey is securing a UAE business license.

The UAE is a welcoming haven for entrepreneurs, with its government consistently implementing policies that work to the investor’s advantage. Acquiring a trade license in the UAE is a manageable process, although the specifics of approvals and requirements vary based on your company’s business activity and shareholding structure. While some enterprises may need to navigate a more extensive clearance process, others can remarkably obtain their trade license within just an hour.

At Sultan Al Ali Group, we take it upon ourselves to enlighten entrepreneurs about the array of trade license options available to them and guide them toward the most suitable choices for their unique business ventures. Among the licenses, you can explore the Commercial license, Professional license, Industrial license, and Tourism license, all contributing to the diverse landscape of company formation in Dubai and across the UAE


The United Arab Emirates, notably Dubai, ranks among the world’s most coveted destinations for launching a business. This distinction is owed to its exceptional infrastructure, pro-entrepreneurial policies, and seamless global connectivity. However, the allure of this business haven also translates into relatively high office rental costs, making it a challenge to find affordable office spaces in Dubai.

We recognize the preciousness of your time, and the quest for an ideal, cost-effective office space can indeed be a time-consuming endeavor, diverting your focus from your core business strategies. To address this, we extend an array of economical office spaces for rent in Dubai, strategically situated in premium locations throughout the city. Our flexible office solutions are designed to be adaptable to your unique requirements.

Whether you seek a fully furnished office space for rent in Dubai or a versatile office equipped with a simple workstation, Sultan Al Ali Group’s business consultants present a range of budget-friendly office solutions, enabling you to concentrate on your business plan without the burden of high overheads


Accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the UAE’s business policies and procedures is essential for a seamless business setup in the region. Inadequate information can lead to mistakes, delays, and even penalties, transforming the company formation process into a burdensome ordeal.

Sultan Al Ali Business Setup has been steadfastly assisting entrepreneurs in launching their enterprises in the UAE for nearly two decades. Through our Professional Outsourcing (PRO) services, we are dedicated to making your journey of company formation in Dubai and the UAE an entirely stress-free experience. Our team of seasoned PROs ensures that you are spared from long queues and bureaucratic delays during your interactions with government processes.

At Sultan Al Ali Business Setup, we offer swift document clearance, facilitate labor contract arrangements, extend our expertise in legal translation services in Dubai and the UAE, and manage your immigration and visa paperwork. Our extensive experience and robust connections with various UAE government entities empower us to deliver prompt services to all our clients. We also diligently monitor all your applications and licenses to prevent any missed dates or deadlines. Furthermore, we keep you well-informed about evolving laws and regulations to safeguard your business from any adverse impacts


Thanks to the UAE’s stellar reputation on the global stage, it continually draws the interest of investors from around the world, beckoning them to embark on their business ventures within its thriving landscape. Dubai, as a cosmopolitan metropolis, acts as a magnetic force, attracting professionals and skilled labor from every corner of the globe, thus nurturing a remarkable pool of talent.

The UAE extends two distinct categories of visas to foreigners: the investor or partner visa and the employment visa. Whether you are an enterprising entrepreneur in pursuit of company formation in Dubai, requiring an investor visa, or an established businessperson looking to secure employment visas for your dedicated workforce, Sultan Al Ali Business Setup is here to provide invaluable assistance. Our highly efficient and resourceful team possesses the capabilities to expedite your visa-related requests, thanks to their robust connections with visa-regulating agencies and their deep familiarity with the intricate visa processes in the UAE

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Setup

What type of UAE companies can I start?

The United Arab Emirates presents a diverse landscape for company formation, encompassing Free Zones, Mainland, and Offshore options.

When opting for business setup in UAE Mainland, a local sponsor is essential, and the license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Free zone companies, on the other hand, are granted the ability to operate within designated geographic areas, with licenses issued by the specific free zone authority.

For those looking to explore the potential of offshore businesses in the UAE, it offers a strategic avenue for conducting international trade and securing one’s wealth and assets. Offshore companies receive a certificate of incorporation rather than a traditional trade license. The Economic Department permits a wide array of company types to be established in the UAE, with more than a thousand business activities available for pursuit.

How to renew my business license in the mainland?

When it’s time to renew your commercial license in Dubai, the process is designed to guarantee compliance and the uninterrupted flow of your business operations. To renew your Dubai commercial license, you will need to submit the DED-registered certificate, as well as the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Economy and National Media Company. Likewise, for the renewal of your Dubai trade license, the submission of a valid Ejari certificate and other essential lease contracts is required.

At Sultan Al Ali Group, we stand by entrepreneurs, offering unwavering support in securing their business licenses in Dubai and ensuring their timely renewal, paving the way for a seamless and uninterrupted business journey.

Why should I start my company in UAE?

The UAE, strategically positioned at the crossroads of the world, emerges as an ideal global market. It offers a perfect canvas for a diverse range of business ventures, where business owners enjoy the benefits of a tax-friendly environment, coupled with exceptional logistics support across all emirates. Here, you are liberated from capital restrictions, paving the way for unbridled entrepreneurial dreams.

The allure of financial freedom acts as a magnet, attracting talent from foreign shores to this land of opportunities.

The UAE is a treasure trove of boundless business possibilities, and with the guidance of a trusted business setup consultant in the UAE, you can navigate the entire company formation process with ease and confidence

How long will it take to setup a free zone company?

As a dedicated and reputable business consultancy, we take pride in offering a swift and dependable process for business setup in UAE Free Zones. Typically, the setup timeline ranges from 3 to 10 days, subject to the specific Free Zone selected. Our commitment is to ensure that all your documents are meticulously prepared, legally sound, and duly attested by the relevant authorities.

It’s important to note that without the guidance of a business consultant, the process can extend to several weeks, and navigating the intricate web of legal procedures can be a daunting task. For a streamlined and hassle-free journey in establishing your Free Zone business, consider placing your trust in Sultan Al Ali Group

How to start an LLC company in UAE?

When you embark on the journey to establish your LLC Company in Dubai mainland or anywhere else in the UAE, there are several vital steps to be taken. These include reserving a distinctive trade name and securing the essential preliminary approvals from the relevant authorities. Additionally, you obtain a Memorandum of Association (MOA) for your company, and the submission of the lease contract to the licensing authority is a crucial requirement. It is also necessary to identify a local partner and secure an office space for the launch of your business.

At Sultan Al Ali Group, we offer a selection of comprehensive and cost-effective packages tailored to your specific business setup needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient path to realizing your entrepreneurial aspirations.

What kind of company structure should I choose?

The choice of business structure in the UAE should be carefully tailored to both your personal needs and the unique demands of your enterprise. Your options are diverse, allowing you to shape your business identity as a Sole Establishment (akin to a Sole Proprietorship), a Limited Liability Partnership, a Limited Liability Company, a Private Limited Company, or a Professional Services Company.

Moreover, your decision can extend to where you establish your company, whether it be on the dynamic mainland, within a free zone (ideal for limited liability company structures), or even offshore. Your choice ultimately should reflect your business aspirations and the regulatory framework that best suits your vision.

Do I need to rent an office for my business?

An essential consideration when setting up a business on the mainland or in free zones is the requirement for a physical presence, which necessitates leasing office space. However, this requirement does not extend to offshore companies, which are not permitted to secure office space within the UAE.

The encouraging news is that there is a solution to suit every budget. If you are keen on cost-efficiency in the initial stages, you can explore the option of renting an office or dedicated desks within a vibrant co-working space on the mainland. These spaces come fully furnished and are ready for immediate occupancy. In a free zone, your entry point may be renting at least a desk in a shared office space, but some free zones offer the added flexibility of a ‘flexi-desk.’ This versatile option allows you to utilize a desk for a set number of hours per week. Plus, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of a dedicated PO Box, ensuring you have a unique business address.

How to identify the best business setup consultants in Dubai?

When in search of top-notch business setup consultants in Dubai, keep the following essential factors in mind:

  1. Expertise: Partnering with seasoned professionals and industry experts ensures a tailored experience that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.

  2. Local Knowledge: Choose consultants with a deep understanding of local rules and regulations, backed by a proven track record of helping businesses thrive in the region.

  3. Speed & Efficiency: Efficiency is paramount. Seek consultants who can provide swift setup processes, along with effective, all-encompassing solutions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Sultan Al Ali Group proudly upholds a superbrand reputation, exemplifying excellence across all three of these crucial dimensions